One Sassy Piece…


One unexpected piece of furniture (as shown in in a room is a great way to keep things from getting boring. This leopard chair adds a little sass to a room and keeps things from getting too blah!!

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Raise Your Hand if You Wear Readers!!!


Well, my many years of perfect vision are long gone. Finally, I am admitting I can not see and read at the same time! Finding a chic reader has been more of an adventure than I thought. Enter Eyebobs! It took a few stops at different stores to find what I was looking for. Eyebobs have many styles to choose from so whatever style you are looking for — they make them. Me? I went for the”butch” model ~ love them. Even my boys think that they have style! Wahoo. If you have been searching  … check out  Eyebobs!

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Bathroom Refresher…


When the weather warms up, I love to give a bathroom a lift. Everything should be fresh and white. Here are a few of my favorite new finds to style a bathroom.


This just might be my favorite idea. These gold razor stands from Furbish Studio are brilliant! It just seems impossible to think that a man can not get his razor put away with this stylish item right there!


A stack of fresh white towels from Williams Sonoma Home. These are classics.


These Mad Men style glasses from C wonder would be great for tooth brushes, combs or Q-tips!


and for the person who still likes a bar of soap, this lucite dish from Muji is the best!

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India Hicks at HSN


April brings many new things, one of which is India’s new line for HSN. Her island style is now easily available to everyone.  I have yet to see it, but it looks great to me! Personally, I am checking out the Euro squares in the photo above. Love those!

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The Friday Find ~ 5 April


It is hard for me to not like this brass and class coffee table. Williams Sonoma Home’s new table is pretty great. What can I say? I love the brass!

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This Stopped Me in My Tracks


I can page through Pinterest and not see a lot of new ideas and these days I am really looking for fresh inspiration. Well, this photograph from a London Restaurant stopped me in my tracks. It is raw yet pretty and I always need some pretty in every room. I love to put mirror backs on shelving for a little visual trickery and how great does it look here? The brass detailing on the built-in. Fantastic. I still love brass…

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GPS, No … Maps, Yes!!!


Using maps as art has long been a design staple. The beauty is in the ease of getting the look. Search eBay for old maps from where you have lived, vacationed or are currently living. Collect and frame them nicely and you have personal artwork for your home. I also love map wallpaper. You can’t help but stop and look at it. In a world of GPS, don’t forget how amazing a map really is!





and leave it to the fabulous editors at Martha Stewart to turn recycled maps into wrapping paper. How great is that?

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One Great Gift…


Who wouldn’t want these stylish pencils?  Get a bunch so you have them handy for when you need a fun gift for a friend. Fun and Fabulous!

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Fresh Start


Wouldn’t it be nice to just start fresh? Clean slate. White walls and dreamy floors like these? I would still add in all the things I love and make the space my own but wouldn’t it be nice to just have a clean slate!

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Happy Easter


The weekend has been gorgeous. Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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